Tabletop Tuesday – Different Types of Roleplayers

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I’ve been dabbling in tabletop roleplaying games for around fifteen-plus years at this point in my life, and have been a serious player for the last ten. Having been an amateur writer for as long as I have, I naturally gravitated towards running games rather than acting as a player. Those of you who have acted as GM/DM before will understand that a life of running games is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you get to control the story, come up with vast settings and awe-inspiring battles, act out all of the various NPCs, and watch the looks on your players’ faces when they overcome a powerful foe (or better yet, when they are wiped out by a powerful foe!). On the other, you also have to do all that prep work from week to week: drawing maps, coming up with the characters, moving your big-bads…

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